Client Testimonials

As Product Namers


Thank you for your help on finding a product name! I think we have a winner and I am very pleased. I will be in contact soon….i will be in need of website content for this and another project. Take care and talk to you soon.


As Pinch-Hitting SEO Writers

I just wanted to tell how pleased I am with the text.  The section “going the extra miles” is so well written. It describes the kind of attorney I am.  I feel that this is what sets me apart from other attorneys.  So again thanks. I can’t wait to see it when it’s uploaded. Paula
Paula Smith Law, Worcester, Massachusetts

As Website Designers

Herculean doesn’t even begin to cover what you did and are doing to get this website up and running! You are one amazing person and I hope you know how much we all appreciate and are in awe of all you accomplished. It is no wonder that you are in demand! By the way, I know that I may be partial, and I know that you and I have talked about this point before, but I have to let you know once again how much I absolutely love the First Communion picture on the home page! I’ve had a lot of people say how Awesome [sic] it is for that to be the first thing people see when they go to inquire about St. Ignatius. Once again, AWESOME job! –
Take care and God bless, Mrs. Ginter
Second Grade Teacher, Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic School, Pennsylvania

As Content Writers

Lulu, that is AMAZING! Wow – my writing now seems horrible (lol 🙂
You are so talented! Great work.
Whenever you are ready you can start the next page 😀
– Natalie Padjan – Dollie Hair Extensions, Australia

As Freelance Writers

Lulu, you rock! You did an amazing job with the sell sheet. We are very happy with the results!

As Web Copywriters

The Terrace Suites page is perfect! Thank you again for all your wonderful work. At this point this is all of the content we need. Thank you again, we will definitely recommend your services. Best Regards, Alex Hickman – Chalet View Lodge, California

“Perfect.  I already posted it on the site.   Thanks so much! We love having you here for us.” – Sincerely, Maria, New Jersey

“I wanted to thank you immensely for your help – You really do know how to write copy that sells! ” – Leonard Nock, OMNI4 Realty, Florida

“Lulu, this is perfect!  It’s exactly what I was looking for.  You took the words out of my mouth and made it sound 100 times better.  Thank you so much!”
Warm regards, Maita – Simply Marvelous Weddings & Events, California

“Love it! Love it more! Love it most! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!”
– Sandra B., Tateworks, New Jersey

“Wow, The third grade page looks very nice.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Thank you very much for putting it together.  See you soon,  Cathy Hastings – Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic School, Pennsylvania

As Website Content Writers

This is excellent writing! I highly recommend their website content writer services to all my clients.” As the owner of a web design firm, I find that one of the most frustrating aspects of developing an effective web presence is including well-written, compelling website content. The website owner often has a difficult time turning what their business does into written text. “ and Lulu Murphy have been a breath of fresh air in filling this void and have done an excellent job of reflecting the image of what a business is all about and sculpting it into written word.”

Bob Kadel, WSI, Internet Consulting, Pennsylvania

As Freelance Essay Writers

Lulu is a very affable person whose work thrives with candid feedback. She took enough time to really find out what I wanted in the writing she did for me and was very good about finding out important information I had hesitated to mention. I was pressed for time and had deadlines to meet that she was able to put up with on only days notice. She’s a top notch writer and I could not dream up a friendlier and more sincere person to work with. She quickly accomplished masterful pieces of writing laced with her wit and cleverness that I instantly admired. I don’t feel as though anyone would have been as easy to work with considering her rifle-shot attitude. ”
– Philip LeBlanc, Dallas, Texas

As Web Copywriters

We were facing exasperating delays in coming up with suitable text for our web designers until we had the good fortune of discovering the copywriter services of
They were remarkable in their ability to research and formulate arcane business services that we offer into meaningful marketing text. They also acted as the liaison between our firm and the web designer, bridging the gap between technical and marketing matters. We have already had several inquiries for projects in no small measure due to the effectiveness of WebSite’s assistance. We highly recommend for internet sites- We couldn’t have done it without them!
– Stephen D’Agostino, Consulting Resources, Inc., Pennsylvania

As Language Translation Writers

I am so glad to have met Lulu Murphy because without her help I do not know that I would ever have completed my text for my web site! From our first meeting to follow up phone calls Lulu keeps me updated with her ideas. Lulu’s writing skills are fresh, innovative, the kind of information that we want to get out to our customers. I would highly recommend the services of Thanks Again Lulu!
– John Gray, Gray Contracting Services, Inc., Pennsylvania

As Researchers & Proofreaders

“The attention and detail that provided throughout their assignment in producing the text for our web site was first rate. From the beginning, learning about our company and the image we wanted to create with the desired product- throughout the process of developing the actual composition, Lulu Murphy and were very professional and timely. Their direction and input assured us that the final finished project would be a winner. Our company wanted a site that “stood out” from the rest- and they provided the creative insight in assuring that end result. Acropolis Building & Design, Inc. has already noticed a marked improvement on job inquiries as a result of the web site and we could not be happier with the services that provided. We will definitely use them again if further work is needed.”
– Stan Crooks, Acropolis Building & Design, Inc., Pennsylvania

As Custom Template Designers & SEO Copywriters

“Bravo, Bravo, the home page is fantastic and gets both rave reviews and a superb response! But in addition to your savvy SEO copywriting skills, we are delighted with your creativity in setting up our web pages. Lulu, what really made this project a pleasure was not only your creative talents and techno-skills, but also your gung-ho attitude to create a site that will really put our company on the map. From start to finish, your first consideration has been how to make us stand out from the crowd and be successful. In real estate the cardinal rule is location, location, location. And when I talk to business people about, all I say is Excellent Service, Excellent Service, Excellent Service!!!”
– Leonard Nock, OMNI4 Realty Group, Florida