Website Design & Layout

Your layout and design should be clean and simple, with easy menu navigation. Less is more. Overcrowding, lack of white space, lots of animation, and mystery buttons are a few examples of ways to get your visitors to hit the back button.

We believe that a straightforward, uncluttered website, with a clear purpose is the best way to ensure your online success. Whether using a custom website designor website template pages, we use the most advanced layout and design tools necessary to produce an engaging, visually effective, professional website design.

Layout and Design Tools
By tapping our extensive knowledge base, we will provide a complete analysis of your website. Using the statistics’ reports from your hosting company, we will show you how to improve your ratings. Our layout and design tools and advice include the following areas:

  • Color and font choices
  • Text density and placement
  • Image quality, quantity, size, and placement
  • Effective use of animation / Flash™
  • Menu Navigation usability
  • Website readability

Website Template Pages
In conjunction with AllWebCo Templates or another template company of your choice, you select a template from the hundreds available. We customize the template to suit your needs. In addition to adding your website content writing, we will:

  • Change colors
  • Change layouts
  • Add Flash™
  • Add logos and slogans
  • Replace images
  • Create areas with new images
  • Modify drop down menus
  • Add, change, or delete navigation
  • Create “Add to Favorites” and “Tell a Friend” links
  • And much more

Custom Website Design
We partner with professional website designers who will customize your website exactly as you envision. Using the latest technology and techniques, our website design partners will supply eCommerce solutions, images, custom menu navigation, website hosting, and more. Depending on your budget and website requirements, we will help you decide the right choice for your project.