Why do I need someone to write my website content?

The words on your website are extremely important. They will:

  • Make or break your website in terms of success
  • Determine whether or not your visitors will stay or click away
  • Control on which search engine results’ pages your website listing will be displayed (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Be consistent with your company image or unintentionally change your company image
  • Determine whether foreign visitors will be able to understand your website content

In addition,

  • A professional online copywriter knows how to write effective website content
  • Most website owners don’t have the time, patience, or skill set to write website copy that works
How can you write my website content if you know nothing about what I do?

It’s our job to understand your business.

We collect as much information about your:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Resumes
  • Staff members
  • Company history
  • and more

We are very successful in writing effectiveaccurate text, which clearly reflects your business. We are experts at researching your field and writing original, conversational language. Regardless of how technical your product or service may be, you can rest assured that your website will be written exactly as you expect.

Do you help me get ranked on Google?


We write your online copy so that search engines such as Google will bring your website closer to the top of the results.

The process:

  • Assist in determining which *keyword phrases your website should use
  • Include those keyword phrases, chosen by you, in your text
  • Adjust the percentage and placement of keyword phrases to assist in optimal *search results
  • Write or adjust the *HTML to assist in description and search results
  • Work with your *Website Optimizer to get maximum results
  • All of the above for foreign language pages
  • Submit your website to search engines and web directories, if needed

We offer website optimization, in conjunction with our partner company

*See Commonly Confused Website Terms for definitions