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Keyword phrases…

are the words someone will type into a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to find websites that match a given topic, product, or service. The choice of keywords or keyword phrases is sometimes difficult to determine. Choosing the right keyword phrases and the existence of keyword density will ensure your website is found. Choosing the wrong keyword phrases and lack of keyword density will keep potential visitors away and prevent your website from ranking well on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Either way, choosing keyword phrases that are appropriate for your website is crucial when building or rewriting your website and should be left to a professional SEO firm, such as WebSiteText. You wouldn’t build a home with a faulty basement, nor would you do it yourself, unless you were a certified contractor with a great deal of experience; don’t build your website without a solid foundation. Let WebSiteText create a custom keyword research report, which will guide you when deciding on page names and website content.

Keyword Research: Choosing Keyword Phrases
Deciding on a word or group of words which best describes your website’s purpose is not as simple as it seems.

For Example:

If you sell Italian Designer Leather Shoes, your keyword phrases might include:

Keyword Phrase
*Number of Monthly Searches
Italian Shoes
Italian Man Shoes
Italian Designer Shoes
Women’s Italian Shoes
Man Italian Dress Shoes
Italian Made Shoes
Italian Dress Shoes
Italian Leather Shoes
Italian Shoes Brand

Why Not Just “Shoes”?
Find the Best Keywords. When you hire WebSiteText for keyword research and consulting, you will be advised as to which keywords are the most appropriate for you. For example, in the list above, whether you should choose “shoes” or “Italian shoes” depends on the purpose of your website, your budget, and how many visitors you expect. All of these questions will be addressed in your keyword research report and consultation by WebSiteText.

Keyword Phrases and META Keyword Advice
The keyword phrases you choose, and around which your website content will be created, will be incorporated into your website’s behind-the-scenes code. WebSiteText can provide these services as well:

Geo-targeted keywords need to be considered. If you sell a product or service that’s available only to local clients, your target market will be different than for those who sell around the globe.

Can you handle the traffic?
Trying to rank for the most searched keyword(s) might sound like a good idea, but once your phone starts ringing, make sure you have enough back-up support to handle the traffic; otherwise, your keyword efforts will be wasted.

Hire a Professional
When it comes to keywords, don’t rely on chance. Contact a professional keyword research consulting firm, such as WebSiteText, to analyze your products and/or services, and prepare a comprehensive keyword research report that’s both timely and accurate.

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