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Press Releases are exciting announcements of either something special that has occurred in your company or website, or just a reminder that you exist. The beauty behind press releases is the exposure. Press release companies normally have high PageRanks within Google which means they are favored in the search results. If your website is new or not ranking well, press releases are a great way to jump-start your website.

Press release writing is usually done by professional press release writersand then submitted (either by you or the writer) to the press release companies. Many online press release companies accept your press release either for free or for a nominal fee. Once submitted, your press release becomes an inbound link to your website from a high ranking, credible source. Good quality inbound links are difficult to obtain and extremely important for Google rankings.

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Press release writer samples from WebSiteText

At WebSiteText, we write powerful press releases. From the heading to the closing, your press release has to grab the viewer and compel him or her to visit your website. Below are press release samples written by WebSiteText. The submission of press releases to several online press release companies resulted in favorable search engine rankings for the associated keywords.

Press Release Samples Over the Years:

  1. press release sample Press Release Sample Intellectual Property Staffing Agency
  2. press release sample Press Release Sample Diversity and Inclusion
  3. press release sample Press Release Sample – LA Criminal Defense Attorney
  4. press release sample Press Release Sample – WebSite Content Writing
  5. press release sample Press Release Sample – Cufflinks Depot
  6. sample press release Press Release Sample – Grooms and Groomsmen

Press Releases Work!

By submitting a well-written press release to a reputable PR company, you will have greater search engine presence. Consider this press release that was submitted on the 10th of the month. Two days later, there were three new first-page Google results that were taken directly from the press release.

Sample Press Release Results

Press Release Services and Submission:

For a nominal fee, WebSiteText will submit your press release to the top online press release agencies, such as PRWEB, 24-7 Press Release, PRLEAP,EWorldWire, and others. Additional press release services include monitoring of press releases and monthly press release creation and submission.

For more information on press release writing, press release samples, press release submission, press release pricing, and how press releases can improve your website rankings, please contact us.