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Having visitors find your website on the Internet requires successful search engine results. When your keywords are entered into search engines such as Google or Yahoo!if your website does not appear within the first 10 results, your website might as well not appear at all!

The Impacts of SEO Web Copywriting
The new buzzword in e-town, SEO copywriting refers to the science behind writing compelling website content for both increased conversion rates and improved ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Excite, and other search engines rely heavily upon the keywords in your website content to determine its index position. In order for your website to rank well, these keywords must be

  • strategically placed
  • formatted a certain way
  • have a specific ratio to your overall content
  • be consistent with your HTML tags
  • and adhere to search engine guidelines

—hence the functions of a skilled SEO copywriter!

While a professional website content writer may be talented at composing good text, the scope of an ordinary website writer or freelance copywriter usually does not include the additional SEO copywriting tasks involved in getting maximum search engine results.

WebSiteText writers are experts in SEO copywriting. We consistently compose engaging website content that efficiently utilizes your keyword phrases for optimal search engine results. Our website content writing adheres to the rules of SEO copywriting during the design stage of your website project—not afterwards. Some clients prefer to wait and “optimize later.” This is like trying to add a basement to your home when the other floors have already been built!

SEO Copywriting—The Advantages of WebSiteText

  1. Creative SEO copywriting techniques result in the seamless flow of your website content. Your website’s theme is built around your keywords; these keywords are carefully woven into your text in a graceful and transparent fashion while serving their purpose for achieving high search engine results.
  2. Smart SEO copywriting techniques take into consideration the penalties by search engines for keyword spamming. Our SEO copywriters are in full compliance with search engine guidelines, restrictions, and regulations. Your website will not be sandboxed or penalized as a result of keyword usage employed by our SEO copywriters.
  3. Organized SEO copywriting techniques eliminate the necessity to rewrite your website content to attain top search engine rankings. The SEO copywriting process begins right away. Your keywords are researched up front. Our trained SEO copywriters know exactly which keywords to include and which to avoid for best results. Our SEO copywriting methods concentrate each website page around a group of keyword phrases, rather than trying to cram all of your keywords into your home page. This way more of your website pages will appear in the search engine results, not just your root domain.
  4. Honest SEO copywriting techniques are employed. No tricks or games are used by our SEO copywriters to artificially inflate the importance of your keyword phrases for the purpose of trying to achieve greater search engine ranking. Playing with font colors and sizes to hide more keyword phrases on the page and hoodwink the search engines is simply not done.

Given the chance, most people would purchase a home rather than rent. Think of Pay-Per-Click as renting, an ongoing expense that yields nothing in the end. Investing in an SEO copywriter is like purchasing a property—the return on your investment is ongoing. Rather than throw your money out the window on risky Pay-Per-Click campaigns that fall prey to click fraud (your competitors are repeatedly clicking on your website to make it disappear from the SERPs), invest once in solid SEO copywriting that brings organic search engine results without any ongoing costs!

Give Us the SEO Copywriting Test
Go to Google or Yahoo! and type in the following to see first page results:

What About Google?
A system called PageRank™, named after Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is an algorithm used by Google to determine a page’s importance. Although Google’s trademark in ranking pages, PageRank™ is by no means the single factor which determines a website’s position in the SERPs. The proper use of SEO copywriting, (keywords in body text, HTML, and anchor text), is a very strong factor with Google, as well.

In short, PageRank™relies heavily upon how many other websites link to your website, also known as ‘inbound links’. You can increase the number of inbound links by doing the following:

    1. Hire an expert SEO technician—To jumpstart your website on Google, we partner with and highly recommend First Page Sage, a New York-based, SEO company who specializes in organic search engine results and legal seo for new and existing websites. Using only legitimate methods, Evan Bailyn will create the necessary elements required by Google for long-lasting organic SEO website results.
    2. Reciprocal link exchanges—A link exchange or reciprocal link is done when two websites, which are relevant to each other, agree to exchange a link. Reciprocal Link Exchanges can be established by finding other websites that rank well and are relevant to your website, with whom you’d like to exchange links or by submitting your website to companies that specialize in reciprocal link exchanges, such as Submission is normally free of charge.

      NOTE: Extreme caution must be taken with reciprocal link exchanges. Google is known to penalize or ‘sandbox’ websites where either

      • too many links exchanges are established
      • links of unrelated nature exist
      • links to ‘farms’ are present (avoid casinos, dating services, gambling, and off-color websites)

      When a website has been penalized or sandboxed by Google, the site is excluded from the search engine results for a long period of time (usually 3 to 6 months or longer). If this has happened to your website, get rid of any links that may be problematic and send an apology e-mail to Google.

    3. Link Awards—companies that offer free items in exchange for a link to their website from your website. You can offer a free item to other websites for a link back to your site. For example, advertising “Free business cards in exchange for a link to our site” is a form of Link Award.


    1. Networking Neighbors—posting links to other websites owned by friends, relatives, co-workers, and other related resources. Networking Neighbors is similar to a reciprocal link exchange but the link partners are people you know.


    1. No-Cost Add-Ons—you may have developed a useful algorithm, such as a currency conversion program, a page counter, or an “Add to Favorites” button that you can offer any website owner. When the free add-on is put on the website, an external link back to your website is made.


Search Engine Optimization
SEO Copywriting Checklist
  • Ensuring Web content is keyword-smart
  • Setting consistent HTML tags for ideal keyword results
  • Submitting website to search engines
  • Submitting website to Web directories
  • Building internal and external links
  • Monitoring search engine rankings
  • Incorporating website promotion
  • Maintaining monthly website optimization

At WebSiteText, we work with your individual needs and budget to determine your search engine requirements. All of our website content writing incorporates effective SEO copywriting, built for both search engines to find your website and visitors to stay in your site.

We prepare keyword research reports, which identify the most important keywords to target on your pages. All website content writing is built on this foundation. Your website, when finished, will organically climb the ranks in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, as a result of the SEO copywriter skills provided by WebSiteText.

Please contact us for more detail.