Slogan Writing

Company Slogans and Taglines

Catchy Business Slogans and Winning Taglines are short, memorable phrases used to create company images and memorable products or services.

The Difference Between Slogans and Taglines

Slogan writing is the art of creating the corporate or commercialidentity and formulating a simple, dynamic phrase that evokes an emotion or represents a brand. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” is a slogan because it evokes a certain feeling.

Taglines are more descriptive phrases, usually ranging from four to eight words, that tell what the company or organization does. WebSiteText’s tagline, “Well-Written Words for the World Wide Web” briefly describes the business or website purpose so would not be considered a company slogan.

The purpose of having a company slogan or product tagline is to give your customers another reason to remember your business. Everyone remembers famous slogans and the products they represent, such as:

  • Good to the Last Drop
  • Don’t Leave Home Without it
  • Just Do it
  • Leave the Driving to Us
  • Things Go Better With Coke

It’s difficult to imagine these products without their winning slogans, which greatly contributed to their successful marketing campaigns.

At WebSiteText, our goal is to create catchy slogans and winning taglinesthat will not only please the staff but contribute to increased sales and repeat customers.

Slogan writing is a funny business. What works and what is right may not always be the same. When we write a draft of 10 slogan or tagline samples, we try to include some unconventional slogan choices, just to get the client to think ‘out of the box’. We try to avoid popular taglines, such as:

  • “One Stop Shop”
  • “Your Resource for …”
  • “The Best … “
  • “Your Choice for …”

Some clients have a preconceived notion of what a slogan “should” and “should not” be. We encourage clients to let go of their preconceptions and think out-of-the box. This will yield in a greater variety of choices.

Slogans and Taglines (at a glance):

  • Slogans should not be confused with taglines. In a sense, taglines are easier to create because they simply describe what the company does.

  • Slogans, in general, can be used across industries. For example, “That was easy”, Staples’ slogan, says nothing about office supplies.

  • Slogans, to be effective, should create the desired feeling while not straying from the company image. For example, a criminal defense law firm might not want a slogan that evokes a sense of excitement (i.e., “Just Do It”).

  • Slogans should generally not include words that are more than four syllables. For example, trying to use “profitability” in a slogan creates a cumbersome phrase, no matter how you word it.

  • Slogans are most effective if they are easy to remember.

Examples of Effective Slogans and Winning Taglines
Created by WebSiteText

Website Type
Slogan or Tagline
New York Taxi Top Ad Agency Always On Duty Slogan
Los Angeles Defense Attorney You Deserve the Best Defense
Accounting Consulting Firm
We Make Things Happen
Recording Artist’s New Song A New Way for a New Day
Wedding Coordinator Designing the Day of Your Dreams
Computer Staffing Resources We Plug You In
Online RV Website RV Shopping Without the Hopping
Technology Testing Corporation We Know What Works
Aerial Real Estate Survey Company Real Estate Taken to New Heights
Store Fixture Company We Open Doors for You
Florida Staffing Company Because Staffing Should Be Simple

Creating Your Slogan or Tagline – A Painless Process

Many companies don’t know where to begin when asking for a slogan or tagline. They want to sell products and services to all corners of the world. Their “image” is undefined and difficult to pinpoint.

Our website content writers begin the slogan or tagline creation process by assisting the client define their image. We ask basic questions about their products and services. We have them define their typical customer and describe what target markets they wish to address. Based on their input, we brainstorm and build the first 10 business slogan or tagline choices.

Usually, one or two are winners. If not, we refine our questions and go back to the drawing board. In many cases, the client will find the perfect slogan or tagline in round two.

Writing company slogans, corporate taglines, catchy marketing phrases, and popular business ads are easy when the communication is strong between client and writer. At WebSiteText, our website content writers efficiently pursue your successful slogan or tagline project and stay on top until the goals have been met.

Our unique work philosophy sums it up.

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