Computer Programming Services
Custom Software

With over 50 years of combined computer programming experience, is well equipped to create any custom development software.

Our extensive list of computer programming services includes C programming, C++ programming, Java programming, Visual Basic programming, and Visual FoxPro programming. Other computer programming languages include SQL, MS Access, Pascal, and .NET.

Recent Custom Development Software Applications:
  • Accounting (A/R, A/P, G/L, Inventory, P/O, S/O) - .NET
  • Benefits Rewrite - several computer programming languages
  • Budgeting - several computer programming languages
  • Cable TV Sales - MS Access, SQL programming
  • Construction / Glass Cutting - Pascal programming
  • Game GUIs - Java programming
  • Minimum Waste Raw Material Cutting - Visual Basic programming
  • Payroll Rewrite - several computer programming languages
  • Syndicated TV Residuals - several computer programming languages
  • University Research Services - Visual FoxPro programming
  • Virtual Machine - Harvard Architecture - C, C++ programming
  • Y2K Compliance - FoxPro programming

Please submit a description of your computer programming and custom software needs and we will quote the job requirements.

Please contact us for more detail.

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