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10 Impressive SEO Results

1) Out of 4 million websites, LBP Designs is number one for "deck contractor."

Example of how a deck contractor can get ranked in google

2) Out of 3 million websites, So Cal Criminal Appeals is number two for "california appellate attorney."

See how our attorneys get ranked in google.

3) Out of over 42,000 websites, Paul John's Tree Service gets ranked in Google, places two and three for the term, "bucks county tree removal."

We help you get ranked in Google without paying a fortune.

4) Out of 1.6 million, The Proofreaders gets ranked in Google and holds the number two spot for "proofreader."

The Proofreaders get ranked in Google by  holding the number two spot!

5) Out of 307,000 results, Bill Worrell's Auto Body gets ranked in Google holding first, second, and third spots.

Bucks County Auto Body shop gets ranked in Google

6) A local colonic hydrotherapist ranks number one in Google for "colonic philadelphia."

Colon Hydrotherapist - Get ranked in Google using WebSiteText

7) Bucks County builder gets ranked in Google as number one for the term, "bucks county builder."

Watch this builder get ranked in Google for a term that keeps him very busy!

8) Two of WebSiteText's companies get ranked in Google on page one for the term "web copywriter."

SEO Web Copywriter sites get ranked in Google

9) The term "legal content writer" is a sub-term for WebSiteText, meaning its interior page is used as a landing page.

Watch this sub-term legal content writer get ranked in Google!

10) Electronic TSCM enjoys first-page ranking for an industry specific term.

Watch Electronic TSCM get ranked in Google for many SEO terms

Please contact us for more SEO copywriting examples of how WebSiteText's clients get ranked in Google.

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